1. Betting

The Minute lotto provides a total of 5 positions of numbers, each position consists of any number from 0-9, and each position has a variety of different combinations of play.

2. Cost

The price for each ticket is 1 Euro.

3. When to play

We open prizes every 1 minute, 1440 times a day. Please notice: We are uninterrupted 24 hours a day throughout the year.

4. How to play

You can purchase your ticket in any of our betting center; we will give you a paper betting slip, the betting slip has the issuing number, betting contents and time. our betting slip has an exclusive security code. please keep your slip in a save place(please keep the issuing number, contents and time readable, otherwise your ticket will become invalided ), your ticket is the only evidence of your purchase

Drawing result

The Minute Lotto uses a special computer system to draw the winning number; numbers will be drawn from 0 to 9 randomly. Totally 5 numbers will be drawn.We will release the result of each drawing every 1 minutes. The winning number will appear on our official website.


Our lottery process and lottery results are all supervised by the Malta government agency Gaming Center. There is a certificate of random draw results issued by government agencies.